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track-dreams asked you:
When you get this you must publicly say five things you like about yourself and send it to ten of your favorite followers! :)

hmm, my hair, and my eyes i guess 

(yes i know i only said 2 things) 

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Brianna Rollins winning the women’s 100mH at the World Championships 2013, in Moscow.



Sanya Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix through the years.

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Jimmy Vicaut after competing in the European Team Championships 100m 2014, in Braunschweig

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Team GB before the 4x100m relay in Nassau

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Erik Kynard, Will Claye and Justin Gatlin chatting

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Kimberley Mickle competing at the Doha Diamond League 2014.

Kimberley Mickle competing at the Doha Diamond League 2014.

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There’s only 4 more post on queue and I’m leaving tomorow for holidays so this blog will be quiet inactive BUT if you have questions I will answer them when I’ll be back :)

Happy holidays everyone and for those who aren’t on hoidays yet, well I wish you a great end for you season :)

Also good luck to anyone competing at the World Youth Championships :)

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Silke Spiegelburg competing at the Doha Diamond League 2014.

Silke Spiegelburg competing at the Doha Diamond League 2014.

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Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou competing in the pole vault at the Doha Diamond League 2014.

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