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Men’s 2012 European Athlete of the Year:

1.   Mo Farah (GBR)
2.   Renaud Lavillenie (FRA)
3.   Christophe Lemaitre (FRA)
4.   Ivan Ukhov (RUS)
5.   Robert Harting (GER)
6.   Tomasz Majewski (POL)
7.   Churandy Martina (NED)
8.   Krisztian Pars (HUN)
9.   Kevin Borlée (BEL)
10. Greg Rutherford (GBR)
11. Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad (FRA)
12. Vitezslav Vesely (CZE)
13. Fabrizio Donato (ITA)
14. Sergei Kirdyapkin (RUS)
15. Robbie Grabarz (GBR)

European Athlete of the Year previous winners:

1993 Linford Christie (GBR)
1994 Colin Jackson (GBR)
1995 Jonathan Edwards (GBR)
1996 Jan Zelezny (CZE)
1997 Wilson Kipketer (DEN)
1998 Jonathan Edwards (GBR)
1999 Tomás Dvorak (CZE)
2000 Jan Zelezny (CZE)
2001 André Bucher (SUI)
2002 Dwain Chambers (GBR)
2003 Christian Olsson (SWE)
2004 Christian Olsson (SWE)
2005 Virgilijus Alekna (LTU)
2006 Francis Obikwelu (POR)
2007 Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)
2008 Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR)
2009 Phillips Idowu (GBR)
2010 Christophe Lemaitre (FRA)
2011 Mo Farah (GBR)

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